Letter from HCE Rector to all lecturers, staff and students

Relations and Research Office | 26/10/2021

Dear all,

The dangerous COVID-19 pandemic, which has not come to an end, has seriously affected people and all aspects of life. The Government and local authorities along with people have strived to gradually prevent and repel COVID-19. In this restrictive situation, all HCE members have come up with many flexible solutions and adjusted appropriate activities to ensure the smooth working, teaching and learning.

One of most important tasks is to make the activity of teaching and learning in pandemic not interrupted and in accordance with school year training plan, HCE has organized them on online platform. HCE lecturers with all the enthusiasm, expertise and students have faced many difficulties in online working, but they have brought positive results. However, difficulties and limitations still remains, I hope we all overcome together and bring more better results.

Dear our students,

Prolonged online learning has many disadvantages for you because of the limited interaction and difficult following the instructions of lecturers, you need to self-study more. However, you should consider it as a precious opportunity to practice self-discipline, will and energy to prepare for your future career and development. I hope that you keep the strong spirit, health to edge out the obstacles to study well to meet all expectations. If you study on campus, you will know the very good feeling when you are at school after studying from home for a long time. Therefore, we all hope the epidemic will end soon that all of you can come to school and welcome students from Course 17.

Dear all lecturers and staff,

You all have been very enthusiastic and spent more time to overcome hardness in online teaching. Staff from all offices and faculties have actively worked together to ensure the work is in accordance with the school year plan. I hope all lecturers and staff continue to share the common difficulties of society and of the school, closely coordinate to reach the general objectives of training and education and I believe we will achieve the desired success.

Finally, on behalf of the school board, I send all best wishes of health, happiness and success to lecturers, staff and students!

                                                                                                                                    Rector Tran Van Tu