HCE celebrated Vietnamese Teachers' Day 2020

Trường CĐ Kinh Tế HCM | 26/11/2020

When it falls on Vietnamese Teachers’ Day (November 20), the joyful atmosphere appears in every school in Viet Nam. Students have the opportunity to express their honour and gratitude to their teachers for guiding them to the light of knowledge.

In this year, Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics organized ceremony with the attendance of former and current rectors, vice rectors, lecturers and students in the hall of newly constructed block C of main campus. All participants are fulfilled with the happiness of festival and the new appearance of the college. 

Vice Rector Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam delivered speech

Students from Administration – Business Faculty, representatives of all students, expressed their proud and honour to all lecturers

 Former Vice Rector Nguyen Thi Thu Thao shared her emotion


HCE’s excellent units and individuals were awarded with certificates of merit

Over the past weeks, many union activities occured to celebrate this festival, such as cooking, playing badminton and chess.