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Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival

Relations and Research Office | 30/09/2020

In Viet Nam, Mid-autumn Festival is traditional celebration with the meaning of family member reunion. It falls on October 1 of this year. 



When the autumn is in the air, Vietnamese people celebrate Mid-autumn Festival in the middle of the eighth lunar month. Based on many documents, Mid-autumn Festival was first held in Thang Long capital under Ly dynasty. This is the occasion that Ly king wanted to thank Dragon god for bringing rain, rich crop and properous life to people. 

A fairy tale associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival is of Chu Cuoi and Hang Nga, a couple who floated away with a cinnamon tree during a storm, all the way up to the moon. It was said that during a full moon, you could still see them sitting under the tree on the face of the moon. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, children wear animal-shaped masks and carry star lamps and paper lanterns, hoping to help Chu Cuoi and Hang Nga find their way back to Earth.



Lanterns are made of bamboo and paper / cellophane. Artists will make the lantern in varied shapes (star, fish, chicken, bear, etc.) and draw striking colored pattern on the cover. Parents or adults usually gave children this kind of gift. It is the expression of family’s happiness and well-being.

Furthermore, we have flower garlands and colored lanterns which will be floated along the river and symbolic of peace wishes.




Lion dancing is an essential element of the Mid-autumn festivities. With its gaping mouth and protruding eyes, the lion is both comical and formidable. The dancers lunge closer to the crowd, making the kids scream and laugh at their antics. Under the light of the full moon, the lion’s red sequined body sparkles as it dances.



According to Vietnamese custom, people prepare a tray of fruit and moon cakes to offer to their ancestors. Round or square moon cake is made out of flour, lotus seed and sugar powder. It is cut into smaller parts equal to the number of family members. After worship, all family members gather to have meal and enjoy the beauty of the full moon.




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