Training Programs

Full-time Training Programs

Relations and Research Office | 04/05/2020

HCE offers 11 different full-time, college-level degree programs designed to provide students with the key skills and competencies needed to succeed in the modern workplace. Each program lasts for 3 years, and includes both in-classroom instruction as well as work placements and seminars.  

HCE places a premium on post-graduation employment and success, and as such focuses on ensuring that our students are exposed to a variety of different perspectives and points of view from all over the globe, while also taking advantage of world-class facilities and staff to provide a strong base of knowledge and skills for an increasingly integrated and globalized economy. 

The highly-trained instructors at HCE are drawn from 7 faculties, and aim to provide an inclusive and effective learning environment while sharing their own skills and experiences through lectures, assignments, and guidance. HCE is proud to have a 90% job placement rate immediately following graduation, owing to our quality of instruction, reputation, and focus on employable and marketable skills.

Future students at HCE may choose between the Commercial Business, Accounting, Business Administration, Tour Guide, English, Logistics, Information Technology, Industrial Management, Finance - Banking, and Auditing programs for their 3 years here, confident in the knowledge that HCE will prepare them well for their future careers - no matter where life takes them.