Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Students at Creative Idea Contest - CiC 2020

Relations and Research Office | 19/08/2020

Creative Idea Contest - CiC 2020 is a start-up ideas competition hosted by Ho Chi Minh National University (VNU-HCM) with the support from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology and VNU-HCM Startup Support Fund. This team-up contest gives students experience and a chance to improve skills and knowledge as well as inspires young generations on startup thinking.

For HCE students, CiC 2020 is a new environment which is closed to their major at school. There are 3 teams with 3 members in each joining the contest. All 3 teams tried their best to pass Application Round and Preliminary Round. They had a chance to go through a 2-day training session about Startup Thinking including Design Thinking, a hot-trend method recently. Coming to the Selection of TOP 50 Round excellently, team Power House won the tickets to Boot Camp in Da Lat City. At the Camp, HCE members made friends with students from other universities. Together they learned new knowledge and skills, and also earned experience from startup experts.

Team Power House introduced their idea of forming a vocational guidance club which is linked to a coffee shop model. High school students are potential customers of the project. Its main activities are to help students choose the most suitable major for them. The team is now focusing on preparing for submissions to win the Selection of TOP 25 Round. Hope that they can make it and come to the Selection of TOP 10 Round, then to the Investment Round.

The achievements of HCE teams at CiC 2020 encourage other students to boldly take part in academic contests like this one.