HCE International Exchange Club

Introduction of HCE International Exchange Club

Relations and Research Office | 20/04/2020

The HCE International Exchange Club (HCEiE) is a student-run and on-campus organization dedicated towards providing opportunities for HCE students to experience the world outside of Vietnam. Established in 2017, the club organizes activities and events such as English speaking contests, team-building trips, and the biweekly English Zone for students to improve their confidence and speaking ability.

HCEiE members have also participated in numerous exchange activities around the Asia-Pacific region, including LeX with HCE, the Sakura Science Plan exchange in Japan, and the STEP Sociovation Forum hosted in Singapore.

HCEiE promotes a global mindset and offers a more worldly perspective to the student body, and HCE is proud to provide these opportunities for cultural and academic exchange to our community.

HCEiE members have participated in many international exchange opportunities, such as: 

  • Learning Express with HCE
  • Temasek Foundation  - Specialists' Community Action & Leadership Exchange 2018
  • 3rd International Student Science Forum Ho Chi Minh City 2018
  • Youth Model ASEAN Conference 2018
  • STEP Sociovation Forum 2019
  • Sakura Science Program 2020, etc.

HCEiE official Facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/CLB.GLQT.HCE

HCEiE official Instagram: instagram.com/internationalexchangeclub