HCE International Exchange Club

Cross-cultural Sharing Party 2021

Relations and Research Office | 22/09/2021

From July 31 to August 26, 2021, HCE International Exchange Club organized five sessions of "Cross-cultural Sharing Party 2021" program on Saturdays. Every special guest was the host of one session, including Ryan Ngai from Canada, Andi Darwis from Indonesia, Thnasekarn Baskaran from Malaysia, Toru Yasukawa from Japan, and Sarah Yee from Singapore. They are from different countries and studying with different majors but they have the cultural sharing interest in common.
Every week, HCE students had a chance to meet a new friend. A friend who spent time talking about their culture and the experience to spread the positive vibes to everyone. All members of the organization team and students found it very precious and learned a lot from friends.