Design Thinking with HCE

Introduction of Design Thinking with HCE

Relations and Research Office | 20/04/2020

HCE is in the process of developing a competitive Design Thinking program in cooperation with our international partners, with the goal of employing Design Thinking in everyday projects and learning. In an increasingly competitive and global workforce, HCE’s students must continuously improve in-demand skills and competencies, while also honing their ability to think critically and approach real-life problems from multiple perspectives.

Along with the capstone LeX with HCE, the school runs Design Thinking workshops, seminars, and optional courses for students to learn more about empathy-based collaborative design processes and to put their skills and knowledge to the test.

HCE looks forward to working with our domestic and foreign partners in continuing to implement the Design Thinking program over the next several years, up to and including offering opportunities for joint academic exchanges and student excursions.